NFTs: The Future is Here

Eve Sussman, 89 Seconds Atomized (still), 2018, moving image; 2,304 corresponding Non-Fungible Tokens, 20 x 20 pixels each, 10 minutes duratione each. Copyright & courtesy Eve Sussman & Snark.Art, New York.


“Individual artists engaging directly with the medium of NFTs, rather than simply recreating works as NFTs, are also breaking exciting ground. Eve Sussman’s 89 Seconds at Alcázar (2004), a moving image work based on Diego Valázquez’s painting Las Meninas (1656), was presented at the Whitney Biennial in 2004, and sold out its edition to the likes of MoMA. Using her final artist’s proof (AP), Sussman worked with Snark.Art to dissect the video into a grid of 2,304 squares, each an NFT of 20 x 20 pixels, 10 minutes in duration. The artist retained 804 of the 2,304 NFTs of 89 Seconds Atomized (2018), and sold the remaining 1,500 for USD 100 each. Maybe, just maybe, this fractured ownership model will deliver some of the accessibility promised by NFTs.”

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